Three insane catastrophes threatening America this weekend

America’s being hit on all sides this weekend.

While the country celebrates the Fourth of July, three major catastrophes are threatening the nation on all coasts. While two of the catastrophes are “natural disasters” one is manmade and all could have disastrous repercussions. As Toby Keith writes in his new song, “Happy Birthday America (Whatever’s Left of You)”.

The East Coast

Florida, which is still reeling from the Surfside condo collapse, is set to be hit by Tropical Storm Elsa on Sunday and Monday. It has already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and is said to be gaining strength. Rescue teams for the Surfside complex have already been called off and the state has already asked FEMA for more help ahead of the storm.

Meanwhile, the Northeast is set to be hit with yet another heatwave and storms Sunday and Monday – leaving New Yorkers crossing their fingers the power won’t go out.

The West Coast

An unprecedented heatwave and a scorching drought have been pushing rattlesnakes, bears and other wild animals deeper into residential areas of California. It is so bad along the California and Oregon state line that, according to the AP, “toxic algae is blooming in the (Klamath) basin’s main lake a month earlier than normal, and two national wildlife refuges that are a linchpin for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway are drying out. … The activity has exposed acres of arid, cracked landscape that likely hasn’t been above water for thousands of years.”

A section of a drought-stricken Shasta Lake sits mostly dry in Lakehead, California.

The alarmingly low levels of groundwater and rain are spelling doom for the state’s “Fire Season” this summer and fall.

The Gulf of Mexico

If you’ve been under a rock for the past few days, guess what? The ocean is on fire! The bright orange fire west of the Yucatan Peninsula was sparked by a leak from an underwater pipeline, according to Mexican state oil company Pemex. While the fire has been snuffed out, it is sure to have long-term implications for a fragile system still reeling from the 2010 gulf oil spill, especially for the fishing industries.

Per: NYP

Powerful storm expected to reach western US in time for spring’s arrival

The unsettled weather pattern that has been impacting the Northwest this week is set to continue. Another large storm is forecast to take aim at the region this weekend, just in time to put a damper on the official start of spring, AccuWeather forecasters say. Rain is forecast to persist across the Northwest Tuesday, particularly … Continue reading Powerful storm expected to reach western US in time for spring’s arrival

Fifty vehicles pile up after I-25 accident in Denver

Traffic on Interstate 25 was backed up for hours after at least two separate multi-vehicle pileups occurred Sunday. Winter weather made the situation more difficult as road closures and traffic jams plagued the highway. Denver police tweeted they were investigating a multiple-vehicle crash around 4pm on the northbound I-25. According to the Denver Fire Department, … Continue reading Fifty vehicles pile up after I-25 accident in Denver

2 Major Winter Storms to wallop large swath of US with Snow and Ice starting this weekend!

Back-to-back winter storms will bring snow and ice to parts of the West, Plains, Midwest and Northeast beginning this first weekend of climatological spring. Two low-pressure systems are expected to develop in the West and track into the central and eastern U.S. through early next week. The first round of snow and ice will sweep across … Continue reading 2 Major Winter Storms to wallop large swath of US with Snow and Ice starting this weekend!

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