Steve Checking in on Blue’s Clues Friends for 25th Anniversary Has Twitter in Tears

OG host Steve Burns talking directly to all his now-adult “friends” again after all these years may just be the most wholesome thing on the internet — we’re not crying!

For an entire generation of fans, Steve and Blue were two of their best friends in the whole wide world, and they’d all come together to help Steve solve “Blue’s Clues” each day on Nickelodeon.

One of the most popular and influential preschool television series of all time, Steve and Blue were introduced to the world in 1996. The show quickly started gathering viewership records, educational accolades and tons of awards, including a Daytime Emmy Award nominee for Steve himself.

Then, in 2002, Steve abruptly announced that he would be leaving the show, handing the reins of the series (as well as his house, all of its anthropomorphic contents and even his dog, Blue) to his brother Joe, played by Donovan Patton.

The show would go on for four more years, and even be rebooted as “Blue’s Clues & You!” in 2019, with Josh Dela Cruz introduced as new host and — to maintain continuity with the original series — another cousin to Steve and Joe.

Both Steve and Joe stopped by to help introduce the new generation to Josh and Blue’s new adventures, but let’s face it, that’s more for the original fans than the new preschoolers tuning in today. They’ve no concept of the show’s legacy and what this show meant to so many.

That’s why it was so absolutely heartwarming and sweet that Steve dropped by once again to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original “Blue’s Clues” (September 8, 1996) with a message not for the show’s current viewers, but for his “friends,” who helped him solve the clues and figure out what Blue wanted 25 years ago.

Proving the enduring popularity of both Steve and the show, the moment quickly got “Blue’s Clues” trending number one on Twitter Tuesday night, as fans enjoyed checking in with Steve as much as he did with them. They were also arguing over who was and wasn’t crying over Steve’s touching message.

Totally in character, completely with an updated green striped collared shirt, Steve was there with his familiar smile talking directly to his now-adult fans.

“You remember how when we were younger we used to run around and hang out with Blue, and find clues, and talk to Mr. Salt, and freak out about the mail, and do all the fun stuff?” he asked his fans.

It was absolutely precious, after talking about how even he feels his departure was abrupt before asking, “Can we just talk about that?” Then, just like in an episode of the show, he waited for his friends to answer before saying, “Great!”

He talked about being able to do all of the things he’d wanted to do when he left the show and “went to college,” and then even acknowledged all that “you” accomplished in all these years that he’s been away.

“Look at all you have done and all you have accomplished in all that time,” he said. “And it’s just… it’s just so amazing, right? I mean, we started out with clues and now it’s what? Student loans, and jobs, and families, and some of that has been kind of hard, you know?”

After a beat, he added, “I know you know.”

He then thanked “you” for being there for him back then and helping him, saying that everything he learned then helped him throughout his life. “I guess I just wanted to say that after all these years I never forgot you. Ever,” he said. “And I’m super glad we’re still friends.”

He closed his message by looking again into the camera and telling “you” how great “you” look, and suddenly we found ourselves wondering why adults aren’t allowed to have wholesome television content so openly directed right at us.

Honestly, we’d hang out with Steve every day now and, maybe with a little help from Blue, we could help him find his car keys so he’s not late for work, and remind each other how great we’re doing in life and how wonderful it is to be there for one another even as life gest more scary and hectic.

Sometimes you just need a friend.

Per: TooFab

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