Sweater Season Is Here

It’s sweater weather again. As temperatures start to get cooler and the sky begins to darken earlier, we gradually shift to the clothes that will dominate our wardrobe. The brisk elements make you turn to your sweaters.

Getting ready for work? There’s a sweater for that. Headed to dinner on date night? There’s a cute sweater made just for that occasion. Going to the game on Sunday? A turtleneck sweater worn worn with some jeans is a practical outfit. See how easily the ubiquitous sweater makes a home for itself in your closet.

Lets talk about what trends for the fall are predictable, like the sweater sets. And while you might assume that the trend is only designated for springtime, some of the best sweater sets are actually ideal for fall. These matching pieces give you just the right amount of coziness during transitional weather—and are extremely cute. Of course, sweater sets today aren’t quite the same as they were back in the day, but the 2021 styles have all the nostalgia and vintage vibes you could ever want.

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5 reasons why I love sweater weather

  1. Sweaters are easy to style.
  2. Sweaters go with everything and can be worn on every occasion.
  3. Thick sweaters keep you warm.
  4. Sweaters are the best to create layers with.
  5. Sweaters are great transitional pieces.

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