Gruesome ‘Killer Christmas’ display with skeleton Santa creeps out neighbors

It’s the nightmare before, and on, Christmas.

A self-described “Killer Christmas” display on Heather Drive in Manalapan, NJ, is creeping out neighbors and passersby more accustomed to traditional Yuletide cheer.

Instead of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and his reindeer, there are evil elves, gingerbread Chuckies and Jasons, a brain-eating Bumble and a towering skeleton Santa dotting the property of the ranch-style Monmouth County home.

“I don’t like it. It’s not for Christmas,” said one neighbor, who asked for anonymity.

He was not impressed by the mythical Krampus presentation featuring a caged child and the horned devil-goat from Europe known for punishing naughty kids in the runup to Christmas.

Another neighbor, when asked about the terrifying tidings, said, “I’m too close to them. No comment.”

Gabrielle Farina, a 22-year-old PR exec, was driving around town with her 9-year-old sister Franki and 7-year-old brother Julian eyeing cool Christmas displays last week when she came across the bloody exhibit.

Ghouls and Chuckie dolls dressed in Santa gear.
‘I don’t like it. It’s not for Christmas,’ one neighbor said of the macabre display.

“I saw the bright light from down the street, but when I pulled up to the house I was … shocked by what I saw.

“During what is supposed to be a season of joy, it’s disturbing to see such a gruesome take on the holiday in my own town,” she said. “It’s especially upsetting for those with small children, since the decorations are far from jolly.”

Kris Campbell, the homeowner who created the spooky spectacle, told Weird NJ “the last few years, we’ve done the typical Christmas thing. … I always wanted to do something a little bit darker, like a nightmare before Christmas.”

Evil elves assembled on a  lawn.
The gruesome decorations are the work of resident Kris Campbell, who wanted to do something ‘darker’ than the ‘typical Christmas thing.’

So Campbell flipped the script and took his Halloween props and “just redecorated them as Christmas.”

His “supportive” wife, Rachel, told Weird NJ: “He’s very creative and I’m happy that he did it. I don’t love it but I can see all the hard work and effort.”

Christmas figures as ghouls above a sign that says 'Killer Christmas.'
The bloody display is spooking passers-by in the Manalapan neighborhood.
Ghoulish elves torture a child doll in Campbell's dark display.
Ghoulish elves torture a child doll in Campbell’s dark display.

Campbell was not home when The Post dropped by on Wednesday, and didn’t return several messages.

The macabre Manalapan display recalls the ghoulish season’s greetings of Manhattan’s Joel Krupnik, whose creepy Christmas display outside his East 18th Street townhouse of a hideous Saint Nick holding a severed doll’s head made the cover of The Post in 2005. Krupnik’s twisted take on the commercialization of the holiday earned him the moniker “Bad Santa.”

The 70-year-old Krupnik died in 2019.

Per: NYP

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