Cardi B’s New Reebok Collection Resembles NYC’s Bright Lights


Cardi B is closing this year out with a bang! The Grammy Award winning artist is notorious for grand fashion moments and often referred to as one of today’s fashion icons. Her Paris Fashion Week takeover, red carpet appearances, and show-stopping outfit changes as the 2021 AMA host earned her a solid spot on ESSENCE’s list for Slays of the Year. However, although we’re less than five days away from the New Year, Cardi B isn’t finished slaying 2021 down just yet. She’s back to stunt one more time by teaming up with Reebok to present a jazzy collection inspired by New York City’s bright lights.

For Reebok and Cardi B’s second go-round, it’s clear the collaborators have strong chemistry. They have seamlessly blended Reebok’s classic-ness and Cardi B’s bright nature and infused it into their latest collection. If you know Cardi B, you know she keeps it real, so it made perfect sense for her to show homage to her roots by capturing New York City’s vivid nightlife.

High-shine metallics were used throughout the collection as a nod to NYC’s magic sparkle. Cardi B revisits the Classic Leather silhouette, which was featured in her first Reebok collection, but this time the classic style was designed in five metallic colorways: black/vector red/champagne, champagne/gold, pewter/black, black/silver and fluid blue. Whether you choose to lean into the shoe’s comfort and keep it casual or embrace its flashiness with an equally vibrant outfit, you’re guaranteed to make a stylish statement. seconds of 15 secondsVolume 0% 

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