UCLA grad student fatally stabbed while working at high-end LA furniture store

A UCLA grad student was fatally stabbed by a random maniac while she was working as a consultant at a high-end furniture store in Los Angeles last Thursday, reports said.

Brianna Kupfer, 24, was alone and working at Croft House when an unknown male suspect, who is believed to be homeless, knifed her before fleeing through the back door and calmly walking down an alley, Fox 11 reported, citing the LAPD.

Kupfer was discovered by a customer about 20 minutes later and pronounced dead on scene.

The victim was studying architectural design and worked at the furniture store as a design consultant, the report said.

Her father told CBSLA that she was “loved by all.”

Dr. Jennifer Botelho, the owner of a nearby chiropractic office, told CBSLA that the suspect walked into her businesses shortly before the fatal stabbing.

Brianna Kupfer murder
Surveillance footage shows the suspected attacker calmly leaving the store.

“He came in and asked a couple of questions: ‘Do you do orthopedics here?’ What kind of care we provide, and then he left. So he was just here for a few minutes,” Botelho said.

Police were still searching for the suspect as of late Sunday.

Police are seen outside the store where Brianna Kupfer was murdered.
Police are seen outside the store where Brianna Kupfer was murdered.

“It’s terrifying. It’s horrible,” Botelho said of the random attack.

“She’s such a young girl. We feel so horrible for Brianna’s family, and hope we can catch this guy.”

Per: NYP


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