Chipotle worker reveals how the famous guacamole is really made

Everyone knows Chipotle’s guacamole is extra — but how extra is it really?

A TikToker who goes by the name “The Chipotle Guy” shared the spicy behind-the-scenes secrets of the fast-food chain.

The user, who claims to work at the chain eatery, posted a series of clips about what goes into the making of the restaurant’s tasty guacamole and why it costs a pretty penny.

In the first of three videos he posted, he revealed that making the guac was a highly requested clip.

In the snap, he mashes a mega bowl of soft, peeled green avocados and added salt. He then inputted a “precut mix” of onions, cilantro, jalapeños and citrus juices. The last step showed him mixing it all together furiously.

“Then it gets panned-out, sealed and put into a fridge to use throughout the day,” he wrote in the video.

A Chipotle worker is unveiling his processes for making the guacamole on TikTok.

In his next viral video, the worker answered questions that viewers had about the delicious dip while he de-pitted the avocados. One frequently asked inquiry was if he picks out the stems before cutting the fatty fruit. The answer was, “Yes, we pick out the stems from each of the avocados that have them.”

He also revealed that about 50 to 70 avocados go into every bowl, depending on their size. He makes about four to six large bowls of the mix a day.

Then he answered the question on everyone’s mind: “Why is the guac so expensive?”

Aside from avocados, other ingredients for the dip include jalapeños, salt, onions, cilantro and citrus juices.

“Our avocados are high quality and we only use hand-cut ingredients. Many restaurants don’t use avocados for their guac,” he claimed. In 2019, “Good Morning America” issued a “mock guac alert,” noting that skyrocketing prices of avocados had led many restaurants to use Calabacita, “a Mexican squash that mimics the texture of avocados and is significantly cheaper.”

Another query wondered how many people it takes to create the mixture. It usually took three to four people and about an hour to complete. The process takes about five portions of guac.

In order to keep the dip from turning from a vibrant green to a yucky, brown hue by the day’s end, it is double sealed.

The user revealed that 50 to 70 avocados go into every bowl.

His third TikTok clip showed how each tin of guacamole is sealed to keep it from going bad. “Each panned guac gets sealed airtight with Saran Wrap,” he said.

“Then it gets lidded, labeled and stored for later use. This process ensures freshness and prevents browning,” he continued.

His only other video on his account so far features how to make the crispy Chipotle tortilla chips. He fried the tortillas then tossed them in salt and lime juice.

Per: NYP


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