Sean Payton stepping away from Saints in NFL stunner

Sean Payton’s recent radio silence has turned into a decision: His time with the Saints is over.

The longtime coach has informed the Saints he is stepping away after 15 years as their head coach.

“I don’t know what’s next,” Payton told reporters Tuesday at a press conference. He said he’d consider doing television and could even coach again, but he won’t be coaching again soon.

Saints coach Sean Payton is retiring
Saints coach Sean Payton is retiring.

Payton won a Super Bowl with New Orleans and has a 152-89 record to his name. His final season with the Saints was a frustrating one as they went 9-8 and missed the playoffs while battling multiple key injuries.

Saints owner Gayle Benson had admitted on Monday that she was unsure about Payton’s future, while NFL Network reported he had been on vacation for more than a week and was using the time to determine his next step.

Per: NYP

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