It’s the last week for business owners at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach

Pembroke Mall General Manager Mark Sandy said more than 40 businesses have left so far.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Dozens of Virginia Beach business owners are packing up and leaving Pembroke Mall. A $200 million redevelopment plan means several businesses have to leave the mall on Jan. 31.

John Schaefer, a customer, said he came to the mall to eat and walk down memory lane. He took pictures of empty storefronts and signs of the mall closing for redevelopment.

“I was a mall rat in the 80s. I practically grew up in the malls in the area,” said Schaefer.

Pembroke Mall General Manager Mark Sandy said more than 40 businesses have left so far.

“We made relationships with these folks for over 55 years. Some of them have been here over 30 years that are currently leaving,” said Sandy.

Sandy said Pembroke Realty Group has helped about seven business owners find new locations. But some other businesses, like Flaming Wok and Teriyaki Restaurant may close for good.

“It’s not easy to find a good location around here and we’ve been here 20 years always right here,” said Flaming Wok & Teriyaki Manager Hong Wong. 

Many customers said they hope the redevelopment is worth it.

“So you know a little piece of me goes with it but the future has to come whether we want it or not,” said Schaefer.

Pembroke Mall officials said the redevelopment plan includes the construction of a hotel, a senior living facility, and apartments. It should take up to four years to complete.

The interior of the mall will officially close on Feb. 1. However, the big chain stores like Target and Old Navy plan to stay open.


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