Couple horrified after finding thousands of fingernails in second hand sofa

Warning: Your stomach will need to be as tough as nails to continue.

A couple in Ireland was left shocked and revulsed after uncovering a ghoulish treasure trove of “thousands” of human nails lurking beneath the cushions of their second-hand sofa.

“Seeing all that was like something out of a horror film, it was so gross,” Jess Taylor told Kennedy News.

The “Hoarders”-esque incident was set in motion after the 29-year-old Larne resident bought an “environmentally friendly” secondhand sofa because their dog had destroyed the first one by jumping on it.

Everything seemed fine until a week later, when the TV remote went missing beneath the couch cushions.

Per a Facebook post, Taylor’s boyfriend reached down the side of the recycled recliner and extracted a revolting wad of candy wrappers and “fingernails.”

Taylor claimed there were toenails as well.
Taylor claimed there were toenails as well.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg: “Upon inspection and multiple gags later, we retrieved not hundreds but THOUSANDS OF FINGER NAILS of varying sizes,” exclaimed the aghast receptionist, who suspected that there were “toe nails” in the mix as well.

Accompanying photos show a retch-worthy repository of snack wrappers, hair and myriad nail clippings of varying degrees of yellow.

Taylor wrote, “I don’t know the rate of nail growth this person has but they must have been on some kind of growth supplements, or had about 10 extra hands/feet.”

Taylor detailed the ghoulish find in a viral Facebook post.
Taylor detailed the ghoulish find in a viral Facebook post.

If that wasn’t revolting enough, the aghast gal said that vacuuming up the cache of discarded claws reportedly sounded like sucking up “uncooked rice,” Kennedy News reported.

“My goodness I have never been so disgusted in my life,” concluded Taylor, who warned Facebook viewers to “check your secondhand stuff thoroughly” to avoid a similar experience.

Social media was horrified over the fingernail graveyard.

“Omg how old was that couch cause that’s years of build-up of clipped nails,” sputtered one aghast viewer, while another wrote: “It takes a lot to gross me out and this sure did it. How incredibly disgusting lol.”

Social media was shocked and revulsed by the fingernail graveyard.
Social media was shocked and revulsed by the fingernail graveyard.

“I’m actually gagging, could only read half way,” said another.

One even theorized that the couch’s prior owner was a “serial killer.”

In a more fortuitous furniture find in 2020, a Michigan man discovered $43,170 stowed in the cushion of his secondhand sofa. He later returned the cash to the rightful owner on the basis that that’s what Jesus would do.

Per: NYP

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