Spice Girls split again and future plans scrapped: ‘Now it’s done’

The Spice Girls have broken our hearts once more.

The ’90s British pop group have reportedly parted ways again and their future plans — such as an animated film, a 2023 world tour and other gigs — have been canceled.

“It was going brilliant — but COVID killed the momentum,” a source told the Sun.

The source added, “Now it’s done again. There’s nothing on the agenda and they’re focusing on their own things.”

Members Geri Horner and Mel B have been the main force behind a reunion tour. Victoria Beckham, a k a Posh Spice, was not involved in the concerts. However, she was set to appear in the animated flick.

The cartoon was to be a superhero-themed romp in which the group members attempt to reclaim the “Girl Power.”

“The girls loved being back on stage and it reinvigorated their love for performing,” the insider said. “But a few years of lockdown and everyone’s back has turned on the group in favor of other projects.”

“Geri is talking about new TV things, Emma [Bunton] has TV and radio work and the two Mels [Mel B and Mel C] are focusing on their own stuff,” the source said. “Victoria certainly isn’t going to be the one to bring it back to life — so it has fizzled out. They’re done.”

Brits Awards Ceremony, London, Britain - 1998
The Spice Girls attended the 1998 Brit Awards ceremony in London.

The girls reunited back in 2019 for a world tour. Beckham, however, did not participate due to focusing on her fashion label at the time.

But the fashion icon finally met up with her old gal pals during a digital reunion last June.

The mother of four had created a Pride collection with the mission to donate 100% of the proceeds to akt, a charity that “supports LGBTQ+ young people, aged 16-25, in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment.”

Beckham posted on Instagram clips of herself alongside Mel B, Mel C, Bunton and Horner each rocking their LGBTQ+ merch while their 1996 tune “Wannabe” played in the background.

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