Wild video shows thieves snatch Louis Vuitton bags at Westchester mall 😯

Shocking video emerged this week of a wild theft at a Louis Vuitton store inside a ritzy Westchester mall where two suspects made off with several pricey purses.

Multiple people inside the store, presumably employees, try to stop the brazen shoplifters – but the mall security guard at The Westchester in White Plains simply watches on from afar as the chaos unfolds, according to a video posted to TikTok by user mcloud.9.

During the theft, which White Plains police say took place last month, one man was filmed pacing out of the high-end shop with two handbags.

The other male suspect’s escape wasn’t as smooth – as multiple people inside the store tried to wrestle away the expensive purses he was stealing.

But, ultimately, the second suspect also walks from the store and breezes past the security guard with two purses in hand, the video shows.

Onlookers were shocked over the brazen shoplifting.


The mall was also the site of another theft at Burberry, according to another video posted to Twitter by former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican candidate for governor.

In the Burberry theft, two men could be seen fleeing the store cradling armfulls of merchandise.

White Plains police said in a Facebook post that they are investigating both thefts.

The department did not specify the exact dates the crimes were committed.

No arrests were reported in either case.

Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH declined to comment.

One of the men is seen leaving the Louis Vuitton store with a handful of merchandise.
One of the men is seen leaving the Louis Vuitton store with a handful of merchandise.

The mall condemned the thefts in a statement and said they have beefed up security in their wake.

“The crime depicted in this video is unacceptable and we are fully cooperating with the White Plains Police Department in their investigation,” a spokesperson for The Westchester said.

“We have taken a number of additional steps to further enhance the security program at The Westchester, including adding White Plains police officers to patrol the property, increasing additional private security patrol, deploying specially trained K-9 patrols, among other measures.”

Per: NYP

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