Kama Sutra influencer: ‘I can bend into a pretzel in the bedroom’

One woman has the secret to better sex.

But the trick might result in a pulled hamstring for the average Joe.

Dubbing missionary as “boring,” Yaëla Vonk — the self-proclaimed “most flexible woman” on social media — claims bending herself into unimaginable positions has helped her improve her love life.

“Being bendy is amazing in the bedroom, for myself and for the people I have sex with,” Vonk, 38, told Jam Press. “It’s a big turn-on for [my partners] to have sex with me in weird poses.”

While she’s mastered all the ancient Hindu Kama Sutra positions, she’s created a few of her own.

model stretching
Vonk, who has 200,000 followers on Instagram, regularly shares her stretching skills online.

“I can imagine your sex life might be boring if you can’t practice all the sexual poses of the Kama Sutra, like I can,” she boasted of her sexual prowess.

The sexpert has the nimble ability to transform her body into a “pretzel,” which she said is her favorite, and even does the splits when self-pleasuring.

A self-dubbed “sexy circus act,” she can bend her head backward and touch her feet while giving oral sex, and can give herself “better orgasms” by having sex standing up with one leg behind her head.

“It’s like they have sex with a sexy circus artist,” she gushed about her sexplorations. “I have always been flexible so I’ve always had sex in super bendy poses.”

model stretching
She posts videos and photos to her feed of her surprisingly stretchy skills.

Vonk began extensive stretching routines at 6 when she first started practicing ballet, becoming a professional dancer until the pandemic paused the industry abruptly.

And she certainly wasn’t baking banana bread during lockdown. Instead, she kept dancing and practiced more stretching, wowing the internet with her flexible figure.

“Because stretching increases the blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, it also improves your energy, vitality and stamina in bed,” she said, adding that she recommends everyone to stretch to improve their bedroom skills. “But it is crucial to start slow and not to force yourself into difficult poses.”

model stretches
She practices her stretches in outrageous spots and positions, wowing her fans.

The practice will make your sexy time even more orgasmic, she claimed, even with as little as 15 minutes of stretching a day.

“If you haven’t practiced from a young age on, there’s no guarantee that you’ll become super flexible but you will get more bendy for sure,” she said.

Per: NYP

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