Dave Chappelle vows to pull investments from Yellow Springs, Ohio, if it doesn’t nix affordable housing plan

An Ohio village shot down a residential development plan that included affordable housing after Dave Chappelle and other residents railed against the proposal during a Monday night public hearing, a report said.

The comedian also threatened to yank his own business ventures — a restaurant and a comedy club — from the village of Yellow Springs if it approved the housing plan, the Dayton Daily News reported.

“I am not bluffing,” Chappelle, who lives in Yellow Springs, told the village council (the comedian starts speaking around the 1-hour 42-minute mark in the video below). “I will take it all off the table,” he added before abruptly walking away from the microphone.

Following the pushback from Chappelle and others, the council voted to revert to an original zoning plan that excluded an affordable housing component, the report said.

Dave Chappelle
Yellow Springs, Ohio, pulled an affordable housing plan after pushback from Dave Chappelle and other residents.

The approved original plan includes 143 single-family homes that will cost at least $300,000 each.

yellow springs ohio nixes affordable housing plan after backlash from Dave Chappelle
Chappelle threatened to pull his restaurant and comedy club if Yellow Springs approved the housing plan.

The revised proposal that was struck down was made up of 64 single-family homes, 24 townhomes, 52 duplexes and a donation of 1.75 acres from the developer for future affordable housing.

Residents opposed to the revised plan raised several concerns, including traffic and water management.

A source close to Chappelle told the Daily Mail that the comedian supports affordable housing, but actually opposes both residential development plans in his hometown.

Chappelle also objected to the original plan at a December council meeting, the report said. He has yet to publicly explain his stance. 

According to zoning plans reviewed by the outlet, part of the development may come close to Chappelle’s 39-acre farm.

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