Starbucks Worker Learns Her 13-Year-Old Sister Is Cancer-Free While Taking a Latte Order

According to St. Jude’s, roughly 400,000 kids under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year throughout the world. Fortunately, medical advancements have significantly increased survival rates, and here in the US, nearly 80 percent of childhood cancer patients are now considered long-term survivors.

But not every child is so lucky, and Emily Meja and her family have been well aware of that fact for a while. Meja’s 13-year-old sister Megan has been bravely battling leukemia for quite some time, and has underwent countless tests and procedures in hopes of becoming one of the “lucky” ones herself. And earlier this month, it looks like her prayers were finally answered, after Megan’s latest scans showed she was officially “cancer-free.”

Emily recently learned the news while at work, During one of her day shifts at Starbucks, her mother pulled up to the drive-thru window, placed an order from her daughter, and subtlely worked it into her coffee order.

All the while, Emily’s reaction was being filmed — and it’s now going super viral on TikTok, where even strangers are getting emotional over it.

As she looks out the open drive-thru window, her mother begins to rattle off an otherwise typical Starbucks order. But pretty soon, it becomes clear that it’s all a clever ruse …

“Hey, can I get a Grande Latte with one shot of espresso and 2% milk and one pump of [mumbled] tea and 100% cancer-free, please?” her mother asks.

In an instant, Emily suddenly knows EXACTLY what’s going on… and she can hardly contain her shock and excitement.

“Actually?! Really?!” Emily asks, in utter disbelief. Mommmm, you’re gonna make me cry! Are you serious?”

Soon, Emily’s mom begins to cry, tooBut finally, these tears are ones of joy instead of sadness.

According to Emily’s TikTok account (@emilylorraineee), her 13-year-old sister Megan has been quietly battling the serious blood disorder for months now, but her family has remained optimistic that she’d overcome it.

Doctors finally confirmed she was cancer-free earlier this month, but even for Megan, the news actually took a while to sink in.

Below, you can see her stunned reaction to it all in another TikTok that was shared by her big sister Emily:

After both videos went viral, Emily followed them up with another

This time, she introduces her sister and thanks the many TikTokers who left words of encouragemet or support on the video, and even shared survival stories of their own.

However, despite Megan’s recent diagnosis, her road to recovery still isn’t over. As Emily shares in another clip, her sister still needs a bone marrow transplant to restore her body’s healthy blood cells. And, once again, it seems she’s in luck: It turns out that three out of her five siblings are a perfect match — despite the fact that it’s rare to have multiple donor matches in one family.

(How awesome is that?!)

Now, the Meja family is once again praying for a miracle (literally)

Just a few days ago, Emily posted an update, showing the entire family praying for Megan’s T cells following a blood transfusion.

Now, all they can do is wait, and once again hope that luck will be on their side. If all goes well, Megan will soon be able to put this entire ordeal behind her — right where it belongs.

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