Charles B. Brooks

While most people will never actually get behind the wheel of a self-propelled street sweeper, without the Brooks-designed truck — equipped with trash-and-debris-pushing brushes — city streets would probably be much less clean. The Newark, New Jersey, native’s two other successful 1890s patents included dust-proof collection bags for his street sweeper, as well as a ticket punch that collected the tiny circular paper discards instead of letting them fall to the ground.

Per: History

Marie Van Brittan Brown

Also a New York City resident, Marie Van Brittan Brown created an early version of the modern home security system more than a century later. Feeling unsafe due to… Continue reading Marie Van Brittan Brown

Alexander Miles

Anyone who’s ridden modern elevators has Alexander Miles to thank for the stair alternative’s automatic doors. Prior to his design’s 1867 patent, riders had to manually open and close… Continue reading Alexander Miles

Dr. Patricia Bath

A true visionary, Dr. Patricia Bath became the first female African American medical doctor to receive a medical patent when she invented a laser cataract treatment device called a Laserphaco Probe… Continue reading Dr. Patricia Bath

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