Texas police chief under investigation for alleged use of N-word

A police chief in Texas was placed on administrative leave as the city investigates if he used the N-word at a murder scene.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown alerted Castroville city leaders after hearing the racial slur in footage from a deputy’s body camera, he told KSAT. Medina claims he heard Castroville Police Chief Brian Jackson use the N-word three times while at a murder scene on Feb. 5.

Jackson, who has been with the department since April 2012, did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

Police Chief Jackson (right) with Tony Gonzales
The Medina County sheriff reportedly heard Police Chief Jackson (right) use the N-word three times.
Castroville Police Department
Jackson will be on leave until the investigation is finished.

Castroville’s City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to place Jackson on leave until the investigation is finished.

“We don’t take this lightly,” Castroville Mayor Darrin Schroeder told the San Antonio Express News. “Discrimination and racism is a huge problem in our country and the world, and it can’t be a problem in Castroville.”

The mayor also told the newspaper that Jackson has worked to build trust between the police department and the community during his tenure.

“He’s the one who has turned the department around quite a bit,” Schroeder told the paper.

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