WWE star Big E suffers broken neck during ‘Smackdown’

WWE superstar Big E broke his neck during Friday night’s episode of “Smackdown” in Birmingham, Alabama.

Big E, whose real name is Ettore Ewen, was in the midst of a tag-team match against Sheamus and Ridge Holland when he suffered the devastating injury. The 36-year-old wrestler landed on his neck during Holland’s botched overhead suplex maneuver outside of the ring.

Television cameras captured the scary scene. Big E’s ‘New Day’ tag-team partner Kofi Kingston continued with the match while WWE’s medical staff tended to the injured superstar.

The former WWE champion gave the crowd a thumbs-up as he was transported backstage on a stretcher during a commercial break. Big E, who has been with the WWE since 2009, reassured worried fans that he’s feeling “alright” in a message while he sported a neck brace.

“I can’t thank all of you beautiful people enough for all your concerns and your messages,” Big E said. “It’s very heartwarming. I can move all of my digits. You see that? That’s nice. That’s always a good thing.”

“Strength feels fine but unfortunately, they tell me my neck is broken so there’s that. I’m going to be alright. I’ll be good. Don’t worry. Go to sleep. Don’t worry about ole’ me. But for real, thank you. I appreciate all of you.”

WWE superstars addressed Big E’s brutal injury on Twitter, wishing a speedy recovery for the WWE mainstay.

“One of the best humans in the world,” current RAW champion Becky Lynch said. “I’m hoping you’ve been keeping it a secret that you have wolverine-esque healing powers. Thinking of you. Love you E.”

“Sending you so much love and light E!! Heal well my friend,” said WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella.

Wrestlemania 38, WWE’s largest pay-per-view event of the year is scheduled to take place over a two-day span on April 2-3. Big E, an 11-time WWE tag team champion, was not included on the card as of Friday night.

Per: NYP

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