WTH!! Two people caught on video going through pockets of man who was dying after being shot…

Two people have been caught on security footage going through the pockets of a dying man who had just been shot on the streets of Philadelphia.

Two people were caught on CCTV in Philadelphia going through the pockets of a dying man who had been shot – CCTV / New York Post

The 38-year-old man was shot three times in the chest after getting into a fight with another man in Hunting Park, a neighbourhood in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday night.

A third man pulled out a gun from the waistband of his pants during the fight and shot the victim, Chief Inspector Scott Small said during a press briefing, Fox 29 reported.

As the victim lay dying on the pavement, the two men fled in a dark Dodge Charger. Shortly afterwards, a man and a woman can be seen going through the pockets of the dying man, Mr Small said.

The man was seen taking a firearm from the victim’s hand, according to the New York Post.

“Then that same male reaches into the victim’s pockets and appears to be taking items from the victim’s pockets,” Mr Small said. “Which is very, very brazen, very unusual for someone to be stealing not only a gun but also going through the pockets of a person who is laying on the sidewalk dying.”

When police arrived in the area, the man and the woman had also left the scene.

The injured victim was pronounced dead after being taken to Temple University Hospital.

Police have said they’re still looking for the two men involved in the fight and killing of the victim, as well as the man and the woman who stole from him as he lay dying.

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