Viral cheerleader chest-touch video turning into March Madness controversy

Officials at the University of Arizona and TCU have been in communication following Sunday’s game, stemming from an incident that seemingly includes a player and performer, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Tuesday.

Following Arizona’s 85-80 overtime win over TCU, in which the Wildcats advanced to the Sweet 16, guard Bennedict Mathurin was seen heading to the locker room, as the TCU Showgirls stood nearby. In videos that have circulated online, social media has speculated as to whether he touched the chest of a TCU performer while exiting the court — and if so, if it was intentional.

As of Tuesday, it appears Mathurin has not addressed the incident on Instagram or Twitter.

Bennedict Mathurin during Arizona-TCU's March Madness 2022 game on Sunday, March 20
Bennedict Mathurin during Arizona-TCU’s March Madness 2022 game on Sunday, March 20

Mathurin, a 19-year-old sophomore, recorded 30 points in Sunday’s victory over TCU, logging eight rebounds and two assists. He is largely considered a top prospect in this year’s NBA Draft.

Arizona, the No. 1 seed in the South Region, is slated to face No.5 Houston on Thursday.

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