H.E.R. Launches ‘Back Of My Mind Tour’ in Los Angeles!

On the heels of winning “Best Traditional R&B Performance” for “Fight For You,” off her newest album, Back of My Mind, H.E.R. launched the tour of the same name in Los Angeles at the YouTube Theater on Tuesday (March 5).

While wearing a laid-back outfit consisting of a bronze silk dress and sneakers, the singer-instrumentalist put on an exciting performance that included songs off her present album, past pieces, and even covers of other artists’ music. The 90-minute set included Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” as well as Jazmine Sullivan’s “Girl Like Me.”

Wes and Alex/ YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park

Whether she was singing a slow ballad or getting the audience excited, there’s no mistaking that H.E.R. is one of the most talented entertainers in R&B music. Her vocal range is top-notch, and let’s not forget her ability to play multiple instruments. The packed theater was attentive as she showed her guitar and drumming skills during various stages of her show.

As the 90-minutes quickly flew by, you were left to marvel at the artistry you witnessed. Not only is H.E.R. going to be around for a long time, but she’s also paving the way for other artists to follow in her footsteps – one note at a time, because it’s what a true virtuoso does. 

Per: BET

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