Bhad Bhabie Shares Receipts for Claims She Made $52 Million on OnlyFans…

Bhad Bhabie is proving that she did make $52 million on OnlyFans.

It all started when the rapper, born Danielle Bregoli, took to her Instagram to share that she wants everyone to move past the viral 2016 Dr. Phil TV interview that skyrocketed her to fame due to her “Cash Me Outside” catchphrase. “It’s not something that I’m just, ‘Oh, yes, I’m so in love with being the girl that got famous for being on Dr. Phil and saying some crazy s—.’ No, that’s not how I feel,” she said.

“Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum. Call me s— like that. Like, there’s way more things,” she continued in the video uploaded by TMZ. “Call me the ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ girl, the ‘Hi, B—-” girl, the girl who got a f—ing million-dollar makeup deal, the girl who made over f—ing $50 million on OnlyFans. Call me whatever you want. When you try to find a way to be annoying about something, it’s just kind of weird.”

After receiving backlash for her OnlyFans claim, Bhad Bhabie shared a screenshot of her alleged earnings on the paid subscription service on Monday (April 25) with the caption, “Go cry about it b—-,” while also thanking Scoop Agency Partners.

Back in 2021, Billboard confirmed that the 19-year-old star racked up $1 million on OnlyFans in just six hours, breaking a record for the often-NSFW subscription platform.

The rapper charges $23.99 per month for access to photos and videos on her OnlyFans page, which she created just a week after her 18th birthday. “Not bad for 6 hours. we broke the f— out of that onlyfans record,” Bhabie wrote on her socials at the time.

Bella Thorne previously held the record on the paid subscription platform, after the 23-year-old singer/actress made $1 million in under 24 hours on OnlyFans and later doubled the amount in less than a week last summer.

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