There was a scary reminder of the Astroworld tragedy Saturday night in Vegas, when a stampede erupted after people thought they heard gunshots, and several people were trampled.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tells TMZ … “Shortly after 10 PM, gunfire was reportedly heard near the site of the Lovers & Friends Festival, causing a large group of attendees to exit the venue. At this time, there is no evidence of a shooting and the initial report has been deemed unfounded. Three people were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The show has since resumed.”

The show was part of the Lovers & Friends Festival, a weekend event courtesy of Live Nation. It went down at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Performers included Lauryn HillLudacrisLil JonMarioMonica, and TLC.

It was bedlam at around 10:30 PM, after people thought they heard gunshots. Thousands of fans beelined it for an exit, and some ended up on the ground getting stomped.

Security paused the concert and it resumed a short time later.

Several people were taken to the hospital. Their condition is not known at the time of this post.

Per: TMZ


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