Crazy scenes at World Series of Poker over active shooter report!!

Panic ensued at the World Series of Poker amid a false report of an active shooter in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Players have been told to clear the tournament area,” the official WSOP account tweeted early Sunday morning. “No update at this moment about the status of tournaments that were happening. There does NOT appear to be an active shooter at Paris.”

Poker star Daniel Negreanu tweeted a picture of his palm, bloodied up, and later said that he sustained it because he was “trampled preflop” as the frightened room rushed to the exits.

Negreanu was not the only person trampled.

“Was walking out of Paris as people started running screaming shots fired and fell and got trampled. That’s GG for me see y’all next year,” tweeted poker player Michael Trivett.

Players hide under tables after reports of an active shooter in Las Vegas.
Players hide under tables after reports of an active shooter in Las Vegas.

The panic was not contained to the Paris, where the World Series of Poker was played. There was also a stampede out of the Aria.

“Was at dinner w/ @NoahEagle15 at Caesar’s. Walking towards casino from forum shops and everyone running towards us screaming shooter. We sprinted out the forum shop garage to street. Was pretty terrifying. Relived [sic], but still bewildered about what’s actually happened. Be safe,” tweeted ESPN NBA broadcaster and radio host Jorge Sedano.

“Back safe at hotel. That was pretty nuts. Thankfully, seemed to be a false alarm. But when you see a sea of people running towards you like that screaming and yelling about a shooter – your behind needs to go. A wild scene that I hope I never relive again. Crazy.”

The Las Vegas police eventually explained what had happened.

“Reports of a shooting near the MGM tonight are unfounded,” the department’s account tweeted. “Initial reports are a glass door shattered causing a loud noise which startled people in the valet area.”

Per: NYP


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