Spirit Airlines agent suspended after trading blows with female passenger

A Texas airline agent was suspended Friday after being caught in a wild viral video trading blows with a woman who yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him.

The unidentified Spirit Airlines representative was seen at the start of the 90-second clip squaring up to the female passenger at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

“You have lost your mind! Don’t touch me ever in your life!” he screams at the denim shorts-wearing woman as she tries to back away from him in the video, seen nearly 6 million times since first being posted Thursday.

The agent continues to scream about her touching him and getting in his face, following her as she keeps trying to back away.

“Get out of my face!” the woman shouts back, calling him a “f—ing f—ott!”

As a man tries to separate the pair, the woman pushes the agent and calls him a “dumbass” N-word. She then reaches over and slaps him in the head with an overhand right.

The pair pushed each other across the airport waiting area.
A Spirit Airlines employee was suspended after caught on video fighting a female passenger.

To gasps from onlookers, the agent pushes passed the man trying to block him — launching a flying tackle on his foe, wrestling her to the ground.

He follows her as she gets up, throwing a punch to her head before others again rush in to separate the brawling pair, the clip shows.

“Everybody! Back up from me! This bitch put her hands on me,” the agent yells as he stalks after her again, warning that she “got the wrong person” to fight with.

The Dallas employee's identity remains unknown.
The passenger is seen in the video using offensive language toward the employee.
The video shows that the passenger instigated the violence.
After the female passenger slaps the employee, he pushed her to the ground.

The clip ends with another man squaring up to the agent, challenging him to fight him rather than “f—ing with a woman.”

“You saw what she did,” the agent protests, after warning the man, “I’ll fight whoever.”

The clip was incorrectly marked as happening July 11, when it should have been Aug. 11, officials confirmed to WFAA. It was not immediately clear what started the brawl.

Spirit Airlines confirmed on Twitter Friday that it was “aware of this altercation.”

He threatens to fight the man and everyone else in the airport.
The video ends with the employee getting into a tussle with another passenger.

“Our vendor at DFW has suspended the agent,” the company said.

“Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter,” it said.

It was not immediately clear if the female passenger was also being investigated, nor if any charges had been filed. Neither the airport nor its police immediately responded to The Post’s request for comment.


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