These Are The 25 Unhealthiest Grocery Store Items

6. Some fruit cup snacks

Close-up fruit jelly
sevenke / Shutterstock

There’s at least one kid in your class who brings a plastic fruit cup in for snack time. You know the kind — tiny fruit slices suspended in a thick, sweet jelly.

The Del Monte and Dole brands promise that some of their cups use real fruit juice only, but a few varieties include added sugars as well, so check the label first.

For example, one cup of the Dole peaches in 100% fruit juice has 18 grams of sugar. The peaches in a strawberry-flavored gel, however, include both natural and artificial flavors and packs 22 grams of sugar per cup.

Better yet, just stick to the real thing. One medium-sized peach has about 13 grams of sugar.


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