Dunkin’ drinkers in uproar after coffee giant alters rewards program

Dunkin’ Donuts fans are in uproar Monday after the coffee giant altered its rewards program to devalue points and remove free birthday drinks.

Dunkin’ rolled out its new rewards program nationwide last week, claiming in a press release that users would get “more food and beverage rewards.” Users on the company’s subreddit say the new program does exactly the opposite, requiring them to spend far more money to get the same rewards bonuses. The new program nixes free drinks for birthdays, instead granting users a 3x boost to their points on the special day.

While Dunkin’ states that they increased the rate at which customers earn rewards points from 5 per $1 spent to 10 per $1 spent, users are saying the company drastically raised the reward prices.

“As someone who almost exclusively orders cold brew at Dunkin, I find that my free drink goes from 200 points to 700 points,” one user wrote. “Of course, we all know this new rewards program was done to cut costs. So, a big thank you to Dunkin – I’ll now save $300/month not buying your coffee anymore! Cost cutting successful!”

A drink and a doughnut are seen at a Dunkin' Donuts location in the Chicago suburb of Niles, Illinois, February 4, 2015.
Dunkin’ put out an altered version of its rewards program last week.

Another user complained that they would be receiving fewer points relative to the new costs even when in the system’s “boost mode.”

“This pissed me off. What idiot do you think I am, Dunkin? I did that [sic] math. Even while ‘boosted’ I’m earning 30% less points compared to the old system. I’m making less points and unlocking less rewards thanks to this new stingy system,” another user wrote, followed by a middle-finger emoji.

“I no longer run on Dunkin,” declared a third user. “I officially uninstall the app after 6 years of consistent use. I knew I needed to cut down on how much I was spending on coffee, considering I have  a great coffee machine at home, but the new rewards system was the final nail in the coffin. My go-to was always an iced latte, the signature ones when I was feeling extra, and spending $90 to get a free on is an absolute NOPE from me.”

Dunkin restaurant is seen in Madrid, Spain on June 27, 2022.
Some went to social media to post about the new Dunkin’ rewards program.

“And no more birthday drinks?!? Good thing I live 5 min from a [Starbucks],” the post continued.

A fourth user got sick of reading all the negative posts about Dunkin’s new program, despite agreeing with the criticism.

In this photo illustration a Dunkin Donuts logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen with a wallpaper on a computer screen in the background.
Dunkin’ altering their rewards program has caused some debate among the coffee giant’s fanbase.

“Please, do we really need 10000 posts saying how you’re going to boycott Dunkin? Do you really think a greedy corporation like Dunkin who pays their employees like dog s**t would keep a reward system like that forever? They want ALL their moneyzzzz. Every. Single. Last. Penny. Whether it’s paying their employees like crap or a downgrading the reward system. They have to find a way to save some more of those precious moneyzzz, duh,” the user wrote.

“Plus most of you will be back anyways lmao,” the post concluded.

Per: NYP


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