These are the most bed bug-infested buildings in NYC: report

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite — unless your building has an infestation.

No New Yorker wants to think about bed bugs — heck, New Yorkers don’t even dare speak their name. And if your skin doesn’t feel itchy yet, a new third-quarter study is out from the no-fee rental listings portal Rent Betta to show the city’s worst bed bug-infested buildings, or at least the ones known to be alleged creepy-crawler hotbeds between the months of July and September.

Among the report’s findings, the top three alleged offenders during that span of time are all located in Brooklyn.

To claim the title of one of the worst-infested buildings, Rent Betta determined whether a property had 10 or more units — all of which reported bed bug infestations to New York City’s office of Housing Preservation & Development.

Most buildings immediately take action to treat all units and report no re-infestations. By law, a building must hire an exterminator at no cost to the tenant.

But there are other landlords who ignore the situation or let the problem drag on, their residents charge.

“I had bed bugs in an apartment in Queens, and it took two months of fumigating the place to get rid of them,” Ze Xu, who now lives on the Upper West Side, told The Post. “I’m glad there’s an easy way to see if a building has a history of bed bugs.”

In the third quarter of 2022, there were 13 buildings around town where every unit reported bed bugs.

NY Post composite
A look at the findings.

Of the 13, the building that earned the title of the city’s most infested building goes to 944 42nd St. in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood, where all 42 of their units reported bed bugs. What’s more, none of the building’s units were reported as treated, with the study showing a 100% infestation for that building.

There are currently no active listings there, and a two-bedroom apartment was last listed for $2,100 per month in July.

Up next, a 37-unit rental building in East Flatbush located at 948 Clarkson Ave. There are no active listings there either, but all 37 units reported infestations, which Rent Betta says remain untreated. Meanwhile, No. 3 on the list, 8609 Bay 16th St. in Brooklyn, had all of its 33 units treated for bed bugs, the report adds.

Per: NYP


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