Hoax confirmed at Savannah High School after reports of active shooter: Here’s what we know

Savannah High School was evacuated Wednesday morning after false reports circulated that six staffers and students had been shot at the school on the city’s eastside.

Multiple officials have confirmed that the active shooter reports are a hoax. According to one official who was among the first on the scene, a phone call to 911 reported an active shooter at Savannah High, with six or seven injured.

Similar calls were made to 911 in at least three other Coastal Georgia counties, including Glynn, where an official has issued a written statement confirming another false threat at Brunswick High School.

Approximately 100 first-responders came to the scene. Chatham Emergency Services treated two people for non-trauma injuries, according to the agency’s leader, Chuck Kearns..

Parents of Savannah High students and other onlookers wait outside the school Wednesday after false reports of an active shooter led to a large police response.

Students were ushered out of the school during their first period classes. All have been reported safe and have reunited with family members or moved to a nearby location to await pickup by a parent or guardian.

Additional details about the incident have not been released, although an official with the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System said the district will update the public as soon as possible.

Per: SMN

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