Families of travelers who died at Mexico City Airbnb, including two from VB, are suing the company


NEW ORLEANS, La. – The families of three Americans — including two from Virginia Beach —who died from carbon monoxide poisoning while staying at an Airbnb rental in Mexico City in October announced Thursday they are suing the homestay company. 

Attorney L. Chris Stewart announced during a press conference in New Orleans that the families were filing a lawsuit against the Airbnb, citing the company’s failure to implement a mandate for carbon monoxide detectors at all rental properties.

“We trust companies to do their job. We trust corporate oversight. And sadly, that didn’t happen. Three young people died due to the odorless killer, carbon monoxide. A death that could have been prevented simply with one of these,” said Stewart as he held up a carbon monoxide detector.

Stewart noted that this is not the first time Airbnb customers have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning during a stay.

“Airbnb had prior knowledge that guests were dying from carbon monoxide poisoning,” Stewart said. “There’s been previous lawsuits.”

He said he and the families of the three victims hope a carbon monoxide requirement will be mandated as a result of the lawsuit.

“We are demanding that Airbnb mandate carbon monoxide detectors in every listing that they have. This isn’t about money, this isn’t about excuses from Airbnb, Stewart said. “Mandate it.” 

The victims, Jordan Marshall, Kandace Florence and Courtez Hall, died from carbon monoxide poisoning at the Airbnb property, News 3 previously reported. They were found unresponsive on Oct. 30, according to the Associated Press. The three were in Mexico City to celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

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