School knew 6-year-old might have gun before Virginia shooting, didn’t find it in search

USA Today

DENISE LAVOIE – Associated Press

If you know a student possibly has a gun, why no reaction? They search the backpack and did not find the 9mm handgun. Then search the person. The employee’s handling the search can’t be that dumb. Whoever conducted the search of the backpack should be fired. Just my thoughts on this situation.

RICHMOND, Va.  — Administrators at the Virginia school where a first-grader shot his teacher last week learned the child may have had a weapon in his possession before the shooting but did not find the 9mm handgun he brought despite searching his bag, the school system’s superintendent said.

Police said Friday they were not told about the tip before the shooting occurred. Kelly King, a spokesperson for the Newport News Police Department, told The Associated Press that some time after the shooting, police learned through their investigation that a school employee was notified of a possible gun at Richneck Elementary School before the Jan. 6 shooting.

“The Newport News Police Department was not notified of this information prior to the incident,” King wrote in an email.

Michelle Price, a spokesperson for the Newport News school district, declined to comment on the police statement. She said that typically, when school officials receive a tip about a potential weapon or other contraband in the schools, if the tip includes specific information about a particular student or a particular classroom, “that’s where the search starts.”

“I’m not able to comment on whether other searches may have occurred, except for the fact that the superintendent has shared that the student’s backpack was searched and nothing was found at the time,” Price told The Associated Press.

6-year-old is unlikely to be charged in teacher’s shooting, but parents could be, experts say 

The criminal investigation is likely to focus on whether the boy’s parents properly secured the weapon used in Friday’s shooting at Richneck Elementary School in Virginia. Jan. 10, 2023, 9:49 PM EST By Antonio Planas and Helen Kwong The 6-year-old boy accused of shooting his Virginia teacher Fridaywith a gun he took from home is unlikely to be charged,…

6-year-old in custody after shooting teacher in Virginia, police chief says

By Amanda Musa, Jennifer Feldman, Christina Maxouris and Hannah Sarisohn, CNN Updated 6:18 PM EST, Sat January 7, 2023 CNN —  A 6-year-old boy was taken into police custody after he shot a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, Friday afternoon, Police Chief Steve Drew said in a news conference. “The individual is a 6-year-old student,” Drew said.…


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