DoorDash driver kidnapped, raped by creep who opened fire on family who came to rescue her

A DoorDash driver was kidnapped and raped in Florida — by a creep who opened fire on her family when they came to rescue her, police said.

Joseph Killins, 38, was arrested Saturday in connection to the April 18 horror involving the female delivery worker in Tampa, according to police.

Killins is accused of holding the driver, who is in her 20s, at gunpoint around 11 p.m. and making her drive to an apartment at the Belara Lakes Apartment complex, where he allegedly raped her, cops said.

While she was at the apartment, the victim’s family checked her cellphone location — and rushed to help. It’s unclear how the kin knew she was in trouble.

“The victim’s family, who had been tracking her phone, arrived and rescued her from the car. Killins responded by firing multiple times,” police said.

One of the shots fired hit a family member of the victim’s girlfriend, a woman in her 20s.

After firing multiple rounds, Killins fled the scene.

The Belara Lakes apartment complex in Florida
A 38-year-old man abducted a DoorDash driver and took her to Belara Lakes Apartments, where he raped her.

The next day, Killins threw a woman in her early 40s to the ground at the same apartment complex, punching her in the face before stealing her backpack, according to police.

He was last seen running away toward the Haven Waters Edge Apartment complex.

Joseph Killins
Suspect Joseph Killins is being held at Orient Road Jail.

Detectives assigned to the two cases collaborated and were eventually led to Killins, police said in the release.

Doordash logo
Killins forced the female DoorDash driver to drive him to an apartment complex, where he later raped her.

He was located by authorities at the Tampa Inn hotel on Friday night and arrested.

“We are appalled by this heinous and abhorrent crime.No one should ever have to endure something as horrific as this and we’re here to support the Dasher in any way we can, said DoorDash spokesperson Julian Crowley.

“We’re grateful to Tampa Police for their work to hold the perpetrator accountable and we strongly hope justice is served.”

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Killins faces charges of armed kidnapping, robbery with a firearm, armed sexual battery and aggravated battery with a weapon, as well as a charge of robbery in connection to the April 19 attack.

He is being held at the Orient Road Jail.

Per: NYP

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