Homeless mom forced to change baby’s diaper on outside bench after being booted from Yonkers hotel for NYC migrants

No room at the inn.

Two homeless couples, including one with a baby, are getting the boot from a Yonkers hotel to make way for dozens of migrants being dumped there by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the displaced denizens told The Post on Monday.

Savannah Harp, 24, was forced to change her 18-month-old son Emir’s diaper on a bench outside the Ramada Inn in Westchester County on Monday morning after being told that the hotel where she has been paying $150 a night for the past two weeks is now suddenly booked up.

Harp, who rebooked each morning to stay at the hotel on Tuckahoe Road with her baby and boyfriend, said she believes they were denied a room Monday after it emerged that up to 100 migrant families could start arriving there.

“[The migrants’ are not having to pay out of their own pocket, and I’m having to pay out of my own pocket — and then I have to leave whenever [hotel workers] say,” Harp said.

“I don’t think it’s OK, to be honest.”

A distraught Edwin Domingeuz Ramos, 57, was scrambling to find alternative accommodations for him and his girlfriend Monday after they, too, were told by the Ramada that there were no more available rooms.

Savannah Harp with her son
Savannah Harp, 24, said she and her 18-month-old son Emir were booted from the Ramada Inn in Yonkers on Monday.
Edwin Domingeuz Ramos and his girlfriend
Edwin Domingeuz Ramos said he and his girlfriend were given a week before they also have to be out of the hotel.

“I’ve been here for a month, and now they’re kicking us out, and we don’t even got an apartment.” Ramos said. 

He said he was given a week to clear out of the hotel after staff informed him “the city is taking over” to house the migrant families — a move he said made his “blood boil.

“I spent over $3,000 already staying here because I can’t find an apartment, and now they just told me that in a week, I got to go,” Ramos said. 

“I was born here” he said, referring to the US. “Don’t take from people that were born here in this country to give to other people in other countries. I don’t see no sense about that.”

Ramos said he used to work as a building super but is now disabled and that his ailing health prevents him from keeping a job.

He said he opted to pay the $119 a night for the hotel because he struggles to cobble together enough money for an apartment. 

Ramada Inn hotel
Roughly 100 migrant families are expected to be dumped at the hotel by the Big Apple in the coming days.

“I don’t got no place to go. I don’t have any family here. I don’t know nobody. and I’m disabled. Come on, it’s not fair,” he said of his situation. 

Ramos said he and his longtime girlfriend feared going to one of the city’s homeless shelters because they could potentially be separated from each other.

Harp — who said they’ve been “bouncing around” since Hurricane Ida flooding displaced them from their home in Mamaroneck in Westchester County in 2021 — was also concerned about being separated from her partner by going into the shelter system.

“They’re gonna try to split him up with us,” she said. “I’d rather just have to pay the hotel every day until they can get us into housing.”

The young mom said that if anything, migrants should be staying in the shelters.

“They shouldn’t be putting them in hotels. They should be finding other places they can put them in, like upper-class shelters and stuff like that,” she said.

Hotel workers denied the young family was kicked out in favor of migrants but wouldn’t say why they weren’t allowed to keep extending their stay.

Savannah Harp and her son
Savannah Harp was scrambling to find new accommodation on Monday for her family.

The employees did confirm that asylum-seeker families were still expected to stay there, despite not arriving as planned over the weekend.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said Monday that no migrants had yet to be placed in any of the county’s facilities.

“There’s quite a bit of discussion about a location in Yonkers that has not come to pass.” Latimer said in the weekly update broadcast on social media. 

“We need to work with the federal government and the city of New York to try to deal with this issue.”

City Hall didn’t respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Per: NYP


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