Tips for the Large Man

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4. Choose the Right Clothing

The best clothes are ones that give a clear, clean, defined shape to the body. That puts suits, blazers, and sports coats right at the top of the list: these are going to “frame” the body and make it look neatly self-contained.

In addition to jackets, smooth slacks (as opposed to jeans) give a nice, clean front, and in colder weather a long overcoat is a great way to make a solid impression with your whole body.

5.  Well Groomed Facial Hair

Number five, grow a bit of facial hair. Now I’m not talking a huge ZZ Top beard. What I’m talking is a very well-groomed, smaller bit of facial hair that’s going to help cover maybe the double chin that you have. It’s also going to maybe elongate the face a bit.

Whenever you look at a man, you look at his face and whenever you see a guy that has a very carefully groomed facial hair, you instantly equate, okay, this guy pays attention to the small details. It’s a double-edged sword. You have to take care of your facial hair because if you don’t, you’re going to get the complete opposite effect.

 6. Wear Large Accessories

Number six, large accessories. Now, most accessories out there are made for regular size guys. You want larger accessories that again are going to match the proportions. Make sure your watch, make sure rings, make sure any jewelry, any accessories that you have are a bit larger to match your overall size.
Because think about it, what makes a tall man look like a giant? It’s actually the size of his head in proportion to his body. Because his head is smaller, it makes him look like a giant. You want to make sure that your other accessories don’t make you look like a giant.

7. Wear Untucked Shirt Styles

Number seven. A well tailored shirt that you can wear untucked. Many of you are already wearing shirts untucked, t-shirts especially. Now I’m not talking about t-shirts. You want to look at something like a guayabera or another shirt that you can wear untucked. There’s a number of shirts that can — in a sense sports shirts and what you’re looking to do is just to go a couple of inches past where your trousers are at.

You’re not looking where I see oftentimes men — where they screw this up is that they wear the shirt way too long. Make sure that your shirt, when you’re going to wear them untucked in, for a larger man wearing an untucked shirt is fine. Make sure to wear an undershirt or anything in case you raise your arms up or you’re on an airplane and you’re helping somebody up, you don’t want to give a belly flash there.

But guys, make sure the shirt is tailored. Have it adjusted on the bottom. Tailors can do that and go a couple inches past. In fact a great way is just to raise your arms up over your head and as long as you’re not exposing your midsection, it’s probably a good length.