Sherpa Coat Trend

When you think of sherpa, you think of warm and soft throw blankets. It’s just as warm as wool and because of its natural or synthetic make-up, sherpa is a great vegan-friendly alternative to wool.  But most of all sherpa is plush, soft, and cozy for winter months.  In the last few years, sherpa coats have gained a lot of popularity. Despite its emergence as … Continue reading Sherpa Coat Trend

Sweater Season Is Here

It’s sweater weather again. As temperatures start to get cooler and the sky begins to darken earlier, we gradually shift to the clothes that will dominate our wardrobe. The brisk elements make you turn to your sweaters. Getting ready for work? There’s a sweater for that. Headed to dinner on date night? There’s a cute sweater made just for that occasion. Going to the game … Continue reading Sweater Season Is Here

Tropical Plus Colorful Prints

I know it’s been a while but running a store is a lot of work. I will try to be more consistent with Queenie’s Closet, I promise. I will post at least once every two weeks. Okay, so let’s talk about Tropical Prints. Tropical prints are perfect for a vacation day at the beach! If you are not going anywhere with this look, you can … Continue reading Tropical Plus Colorful Prints

Newspaper Print Trend & Fashion

The newspaper print trend dates all the way back to the 1800s where Matilda Butters, the wife of an Australian politician, sported the print in the form of a cream colored silk gown to a Mayors ball in 1866. The gown was known as “The Press Dress” and it was made up of 14 different newspapers that displayed only front page news stories. The dress … Continue reading Newspaper Print Trend & Fashion