Why first-class tickets cost so much

CNBC.com Delta, United and American Airlines make a lot of their money at the front of the plane — specifically, according to analysts, selling business- and first-class tickets on long-haul, premium-heavy flights. In August, more than 6.4 million people flew in premium seats on North American flights — about 9% of the total 67 millionContinue reading “Why first-class tickets cost so much”

Carnival Cruise Line Announces Details of BOLT Roller Coaster

MSN.com Carnival revealed during the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Conference in Orlando that BOLT’s all-electric, motorcycle-inspired vehicles would feature metallic red and blue stripes and a yellow lightning bolt. As the centerpiece of the Ultimate Playground, an expansive open-air recreation area on Mardi Gras, BOLT’s vehicles will also feature aContinue reading “Carnival Cruise Line Announces Details of BOLT Roller Coaster”

Low visibility: How aircraft operate in foggy conditions

MSN.com As winter closes in, the nights are getting colder and there’s more moisture in the air. Combine the two and you’ve got the perfect recipe for fog. While it’s great for the photographers out there, we all know that fog combined with air travel normally results in delays and disruption. Fogbound airports are forcedContinue reading “Low visibility: How aircraft operate in foggy conditions”

Virgin Islands to Introduce Airbnb Tax Legislation

MSN.com Virgin Island Governor Augustus J. U. Jaspert is proposing legislation where property owners who already lease their homes for rent through Airbnb and pay a hotel accommodation tax will be subject to a further tax. The Gov. says the new Airbnb Tax Legislation will soon be introduced. He made the announcement on Thursday duringContinue reading “Virgin Islands to Introduce Airbnb Tax Legislation”

LaGuardia Airport Now Has $15 Flat-Rate Rides to Manhattan and Brooklyn

MSN.com Getting to and from New York’s airports is notoriously difficult and expensive—and LaGuardia Airport is the worst of the bunch, with no affordable and practical public transportation option available. This year at LaGuardia, transportation to and from the hub has been especially rough, as it’s in the thick of a massive $8 billion constructionContinue reading “LaGuardia Airport Now Has $15 Flat-Rate Rides to Manhattan and Brooklyn”

Why Are Cruise Ships Almost Always White?

MSN.com If you’re lucky enough to hop onto a cruise-liner for a vacation, you’re probably not thinking twice about the color of the ship. But now that it’s at your attention, you might be racking your brain to think of a non-white cruise ship. Forget what you think you know about cruise misconceptions and colors.Continue reading “Why Are Cruise Ships Almost Always White?”