Fashion Code of Conduct

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4.  If you are a PEAR OR APPLE body type then vertical lines will make you look slimmer in certain areas.  Pear body type might want to focus on the butt and hip area, whereas, Apple body type may want to focus on the chest and breast area. Do not do too many vertical lines because you want to have some curves.    BANANA body types need to wear loose clothing and belts to give the allusion of curves.  Not many people have the HOUR GLASS body type unless they paid for it; I am just keeping it REAL. It is important to know your body type.  Learn more see pics below.

5.  Always dress for your body type and not your age.

6.  Never leave the house until you like what you see in the mirror.  Every angle matters.

7.  You can wear two prints that repeat the same colors or mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller one.  Combining colors, scale, and patterns in a way that looks dynamic takes practice.

8.  Never wear your good shoes on the street.  The pavement will wear down the heels of them just like it does car tires.  If you pay good money for a pair of shoes, you want them to last forever.

9.  Overcome your fear of color and embrace your body.  Combine a neutral color, like blue, with something bolder, like yellow.  Never pair intense hues with black, this can look dated.  For something punchier, try two colors that are beside each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and orange.

10.  Sometimes the giveaway that your coat is cheap is the hardware.  Swap out the buttons for nicer ones or have tailor do it.

11.  Classy way to pull yourself together for the weekend is with stripped pieces.  A red-or navy-and -white bateau neck, for instance, has presence and versatility.

12.  When in doubt wear a nude pumps. Match to your skin tone is pretty safe when you can’t figure out what shoe to wear. They also make legs look longer.

13.  If your evening dress is a stark stunner (or has a lot of embellishment), one single show stopping accessory is all you need.

14.  Try a thicker waistband, it will accentuate your waist and also help show off your curves.

15.  Nothing raises the quality of moderately priced clothes more than having them altered to suit your shape.  Building a relationship with a tailor or dressmaker who knows your body and your taste always help.