HOW TO STYLE by Queenie

Let your closet work for you 

It might seem like a huge time commitment to organize your closet — but a tidy space can slash your getting-dressed time every single morning. When you know where everything is, you can reach for it quickly and be on your way. This might mean keeping like colors together, or like styles (blazers together, blouses together, dresses together, and so forth). When it’s still dark outside and you have five minutes to be out the door, you’ll be glad you committed to that time in advance. 


Have a go-to blazer 

The thing about a nicely tailored blazer (or even a mediocrely tailored one, frankly), is that it has the power to pull together an entire outfit, no matter how disheveled it might otherwise be. Use it to hide stains on a blouse that you didn’t have time to clean, or dress up a too-casual work wardrobe when everything else is at the dry cleaner.  Just don’t wear it everyday (Lol).

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