Autumn is Days Away, Are you fashionably ready?!?

If not, find out where to get some trendy fashion.

Create a NEW You … just keep it PROFESSIONAL and CLASSY but DRAMATICALLY  noticeable

How to Change Your LOOK without over doing it?!?  Everyone can’t do or wear everything, because of body types and skin tones.  Do you remember the blog I did on How to dress for business success ?!? 

Try a New Hairstyle.  Change your hair color or cut it in a different style.  Get highlights or lowlights, experiment but remember to keep it soft to the eye, cause you want good attention not bad.  But don’t go over board, choose hair colors that work well with your skin tone, not what everyone is doing; you know hair color fads. You can even grow your hair longer or go with a more natural look no chemicals or wigs.

What Do Colors Make You Feel?
Let’s checkout YELLOW
Did You Say You Wanted Color?!? Okay, I Got You…3 Ways to Style this Outfit
Create a High Fashion STYLE with a Boring Outfit in seconds

Stylish Ways To Protect Yourself From The Sun

If you’re going on a summer vacation you’re most likely going to be spending some time at the beach or poolside.  So really there are three types of clothing and three outfit styles you need to pack for a summer vacation.  Clothing such as resort wear (for times when you’re hanging around the resort), clothing for exploring, and clothing for the beach itself.

Little Black Dress

What the Spring season brings out of the closet?

How to choose comfortable underwear?

Underwear isn’t usually the most exciting type of clothing to shop for, but boy, are you in trouble if you pick the wrong pair! No one wants to feel their undies pinching, sagging, rolling, or rising up all day because that means you’re stuck tugging at them. Finding comfortable underwear isn’t difficult once you know how to get the right fit and choose a good fabric. Whether your shopping for men’s or women’s underwear, knowing your body type helps because certain styles can more comfortable than others depending on how you’re shaped.

Fashion Tip!! Picking the Right Jeans

Let’s chit-chat about the women with the flat booty. You want to know how you can make your booty look bigger. Well, it’s easy ladies. Below are some basic tips that you can use in order to enhance your buttocks.

My β€œSomething in the Water” Festival (Virginia Beach VA) Outfit

1st Day of Spring (3/20/19)

Spring is in the Air … bring on the flowers

Spring Jean Outfit LOOK

10 Reasons Denim is the Best…

Vacation Outfit Ideas for Every Personal Style

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves splashing around in the waves or the kind who’d rather sip a margarita pool side while reading a good book, one thing’s for sure: Vacation days are the best days. Do you know what makes them even better? The right outfit. What I mean by the β€œright outfit,” is wearing something over your bathing suit that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and ready for a Kodak moment.

7 ways to know if you are wearing the right bra…

1. Is your underwire sitting away from your chest wall?
This means your cups are too small.
Your underwire should fit firmly against your chest without any gaping. Assuming your straps are properly adjusted, you’ll know you’ve found the right band fit when you can lift your arms over your head without the underwire rising up.