Create a NEW You … just keep it PROFESSIONAL and CLASSY but DRAMATICALLY  noticeable

How to Change Your LOOK without over doing it?!?  Everyone can’t do or wear everything, because of body types and skin tones.  Do you remember the blog I did on How to dress for business success ?!? 

Try a New Hairstyle.  Change your hair color or cut it in a different style.  Get highlights or lowlights, experiment but remember to keep it soft to the eye, cause you want good attention not bad.  But don’t go over board, choose hair colors that work well with your skin tone, not what everyone is doing; you know hair color fads. You can even grow your hair longer or go with a more natural look no chemicals or wigs.

How to choose comfortable underwear?

Underwear isn’t usually the most exciting type of clothing to shop for, but boy, are you in trouble if you pick the wrong pair! No one wants to feel their undies pinching, sagging, rolling, or rising up all day because that means you’re stuck tugging at them. Finding comfortable underwear isn’t difficult once you know how to get the right fit and choose a good fabric. Whether your shopping for men’s or women’s underwear, knowing your body type helps because certain styles can more comfortable than others depending on how you’re shaped.