The Lamborghini You Didn’t Know Existed | Centenario

Inside Secrets of the US President’s Motorcade

Fred Hammond’s Classic Car Collection

1964 Drop Top Suicide Doors Lincoln Continental Fred Hammond is a gospel singer, bass guitar player, and record producer.  He also has a classic car addiction.  Picture is one of the cars in his collection.   This gorgeous 1964 Lincoln Continental will be featured in his upcoming video.  However, checkout the scenery behind the car, it is beautiful right; well this is Mr.Continue reading “Fred Hammond’s Classic Car Collection”

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Tesla recalls 54,000 cars over autonomous ‘rolling stop’ function

Tesla will recall 54,000 electric cars in order to disable a self-driving feature that prevents them from coming to a full stop at intersections with stop signs. The Teslas being recalled have an autonomous “rolling stop” function in which they move slowly through a stop sign without coming to a full halt. In most states,Continue reading “Tesla recalls 54,000 cars over autonomous ‘rolling stop’ function”

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