2023 Golden Globes Fashion Roast (MARGOT ROBBIE & THE CHANEL CURSE)

Trussardi Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Show

YUIMA NAKAZATO Couture BLUE (livestream)

Better.com CEO fires 900 employees on Zoom call, accuses them of ‘stealing’

The boss of online mortgage lender Better.com laid off some 900 employees on a Zoom call — then slammed the ex-workers for allegedly “stealing from our customers” by not being productive. Vishal Garg, the New York-based company’s CEO, struck an unapologetic tone when announcing the mass firings to affected workers on the now-viral call, aContinue reading “Better.com CEO fires 900 employees on Zoom call, accuses them of ‘stealing’”

Who is that pullin’ up on 2 wheels in heels?

Marc Jacobs gets a facelift

Marc Jacobs is opening up about going under the knife. The fashion designer, 58, revealed that he had a facelift done by Dr. Andrew Jacono on Tuesday. Jacobs shared the news with a post-surgery selfie on Wednesday, snapping a photo of his head still wrapped in bandages. Only his eyes were visible for the post-op photo, asContinue reading “Marc Jacobs gets a facelift”