Leontyne Price

Soprano Leontyne Price is widely regarded as the first African American to gain international acclaim as a professional opera singer. Who Is Leontyne Price? Renowned for her early stage and television work, Leontyne Price made her opera stage debut at the San Francisco Opera in 1957, and her debut at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House inContinue reading “Leontyne Price”

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Opera Gloves Are Fast Becoming Hollywood’s Favorite Accessory

Vogue.com Sometimes the look of the moment all comes down to a single item. After the dominance of mini-bags, ugly shoes, and limited-edition sneakers, a new accessory has risen to the forefront: opera gloves. The retro finishing touch has become increasingly popular with celebrities, adding a touch of old-school elegance to their evening wear repertoire.Continue reading “Opera Gloves Are Fast Becoming Hollywood’s Favorite Accessory”