The Right Bra

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4. Are your straps digging into your shoulders?
You need to go down a band size.
In order for the bra to provide proper support, the band and straps need to work together. If the straps are digging into your shoulders it’s a sign that the straps are doing too much of the work for you.

5. Are your breasts falling to the sides instead of going straight forward?  Ditch the T-shirt bra for something seamed. “A lot of women favor seamless, molded-cup T-shirt bras because they’re worried that seamed bras will show up under their clothes.  But with larger busts, those seams are mostly under the breast and are rarely noticeable under clothing.”  For best results look for a bra with a four-part cup.  The additional seam on the side, known as a ‘side sling’, is great for helping guide your breasts forward.

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6. Is the back of your band rising up?
Again, your band is probably too large.
Instead of bowing up, your band should fit firmly and horizontally across your back.

 7. Are your cups wrinkling or gaping?
In this case, your cups are probably too large. You should either go down a cup size or, especially if only one cup is loose, add padding to help them out.